Facebook Reels: What is it?

With the help of Facebook Reels, users can now make and upload short videos with a range of effects.

Can I download Facebook Reels movies for free?

No, you can download your favorite Reels videos from Facebook without any restrictions and for free.

When downloaded, where are video Reels saved?

Please double-check your browser’s “download history” or the “Downloads” folder on your phone.


Open the Facebook app on your phone or go to Facebook.com in step 1.

Step 2: Locate the video you wish to download and select Copy link from the menu that appears after clicking the Share button.

Step 3: Open the FBDownloader.app website, enter the Facebook link you just copied into the text field, and click the Download button.

Step 4: Choose the MP4 or MP3 format, continue to hit the Download or Render button, and wait a few seconds for the file to load on your device.

when you download the video with the help of this post please mention in comment.

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